Design And Technology

Toozu, Inc is a technology and design consulting corporation established in 2012, New York, USA. Our mission is to utilize Design and Smart Technology to create innovative solutions and products to enrich society at large. 

As a trusted strategic partner, we collaborate closely with our clients to drive sustainable growth and support their core business objectives. At Toozu, we specialize in information and communication technologies (ICT) and AI Design and Innovation services, enabling us to deliver expert solutions that meet our client’s evolving needs and challenges. As we look towards the future, we are excited to focus on expanding our AI offerings and capabilities to better serve our clients and stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly-evolving field.

AI Innovation and Services

We understand the immense potential that AI holds for businesses of all sizes and industries. From improving customer experience to optimizing operations, from predicting trends to automating processes, AI can help organizations achieve remarkable results and unlock new opportunities.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and customized solutions that meet the unique needs and challenges of each client. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of AI research and development, and we are committed to continuously expanding our knowledge and expertise to deliver the most advanced and effective solutions.

Our professional services include global technology and innovation scouting, helping organizations identify the right partners and investment opportunities. We are also dedicated to building smart spaces that facilitate seamless human and technology interactions, creating open, connected, coordinated, and intelligent ecosystems. As technology continues to shape our daily lives, smart spaces will become increasingly important, and we are poised to lead the way in their delivery.

Through our innovative design technology and concepts, we collaborate with partners to create marketplaces where individual technologies work together in collaborative and interactive environments. Our reputation for product innovation in digital lifestyle and smart technologies has earned us recognition and trust from our clients. We are committed to delivering quality end-to-end digital experiences through our ecosystem, applications, and services.

New Retail and E-Commerce

At Toozu, we take pride in creating products and solutions that strike the perfect balance between design and function. Our innovative offerings have garnered positive feedback from our partners, and we market them to both consumers and partners through a worldwide distribution network.

Our sales and distribution activities are conducted through a broad-based, multi-tiered channel distribution network in North America, Europe, and Asia. This includes traditional marketing channels, as well as partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and e-commerce platforms. Our extensive reach and network enable us to effectively connect with customers and partners around the world, providing them with access to our cutting-edge products and solutions.

Technology Scouting

Toozu Inc is a seasoned technology scouting firm that has partnered with small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies to drive disruptive or incremental innovation and identify best-in-class technologies within our ecosystem. Our key focus is on service and product innovation, ensuring that our clients are able to stay ahead of the curve and achieve their business objectives.

Headquartered in the USA, we have established presences in Europe and Asia to better serve our global clients. Our extensive network and expertise allow us to identify and source the most promising technologies from around the world, connecting our clients with the resources they need to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. Find us at idea connection network.