Patbot Customer Service

Improve efficiency and automation with Self Service Electronics Robot for customer care monitor, smart office and monitoring service for telehealth.

SIML Artificial Intelligence Chat

Reduce repetitive tasks and improve workflow process with Synthetic Intelligence A.I self learning bots for partners onboarding services.

Techoio – Technology trade exchange (E-Commerce)

Techoio provide hardware and services for IoT, Engineering, Technology professional around the world. Techoio want innovation to take place and build a community of technology innovators.

Sociape – Professional e-builder

Sociape comes with a selection of professionally designed blocks, such as covers, features, slideshows, content sections, etc. Users can use these blocks to create stunning professional web pages literally within minutes. Application Enablement Platform (AEP) will be incorporated for IoT Block.

Liberal Attack – E-Sport Team

LAttack in short is a E-Sport Team specializing in sports, FPS and strategy games. LAttack also design it’s on merchandise and hardware.

Artificial Intelligence E-commerce Bot

A.I. Bot with built-in e-commerce functionality processes payments and easily connects to online vendors like Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.

Enables product galleries, accept orders, and send order updates and cart abandonment messages.