Toozu Inc believes in value investing in key technologies.

Investors seek profitable market opportunities with a technology business that based on a product or service that create value ecosystem. Many ideas and technologies may exist, but most cannot meet the full scope of investment criteria from angel and venture capital investors. Investors rarely find an outstanding opportunity. It takes more than a brilliant technology for the business to thrive. Customers need to be willing to spend money to solve their problem and to prioritize obtaining the solution.

Toozu Inc fund and foster technology companies that solve significant challenges in national security and high-growth commercial markets. We are interested in global enterprise technology sectors such as cybersecurity, data science and data infrastructure, emerging device and sensor technologies, new space technologies including earth observation, and critical resources and services.

What investors need to see from your business

Define the problem that the business is trying to solve in the market. This information includes proof that customers are willing to pay to solve the problem and proof of how the product or service lessens the pain or solves the problem.

Potential for growth

Business must address a large or growing market opportunity, and companies clearly understand the customer segments and competitive landscape in your target market(s).

Return on Investment (ROI)

Business needs to develop a sound financial plan that demonstrates how the business can have sustainable growth and provide reasonable scenarios regarding timeline and milestones that the investors will achieve their return on investment. Of course, this must support by the valuation and terms of the current round of investment that the business is asking the investor to consider.

An experienced management team with a thorough and credible execution plan – Ensure that your team includes people who are leaders in their field, customer focus and understand the specific sub-segments of your target market. Ideally, your senior team will consist largely of individuals who have prior experience in a technology start-up. Your team should reflect the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs: passion, creativity, strong leadership skills, and an ability to be flexible and adapt to market changes.


In the area of growth potential, early-stage investors differ from venture capital investors. Early-stage investors who deploy small amounts of capital will often fund smaller opportunities. As Technology investors, we evaluate what we can bring to an investment opportunity.

If You Have a Good Idea, We Will Find a Way to Support You
Toozu Inc is unique in that we can support any Technology, Health and Sports (or individual work) deemed valuable regardless of size, location, or organizational type. This flexibility allows us to empower a new pool of talent that may not have otherwise be supported. We are committed to increasing diversity in the innovation community.

Who are you investing?
We invest worldwide but mainly in Asia, please contact us for more information.

Investor Relationship
Toozu Inc is private and fully funded.