John Moley (Security, Investment)

John focuses on investments in cyber security, communications, data privacy, data infrastructure and technology-enabled national security businesses. John is widely recognized within the startup community as a thought-leader with a truly unique capacity and unrelenting drive to anticipate and shape technological change. He has a strong history of investing in and creating highly successful technology companies.


Chong Alan (Design Technology, Innovation)

Alan has more than 15 years experience in ICT and leads successful team in many large-scale projects. He had led many innovative projects such as smart city initiatives which include both online and mobile services as well as large enterprise projects including E-Commerce, M-Commerce and O2O. His work includes technology, behaviour science, design thinking and process integration.


Richard Black (Chief Technologist)

Richard is an experienced technologist and entrepreneur with a proven track record successfully applying complex technologies to mission critical applications.

Richard focuses on investments in machine learning and analytics, autonomy, biotechnology, high-performance computing, cybersecurity, communications, sensors, commercial space, and geospatial systems.

He has over 20 years of experience in research and development in such diverse areas as machine learning and analytics, mobile and embedded systems and sensors, secure terrestrial and satellite-based communication architectures, RF and signal processing and unmanned/autonomous sensor platforms.